Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut



Central Christian Academy was founded in August 1984 as a ministry of Central Baptist Church.  The school exists in order to help the church fulfill its biblical mandate to make disciples, teaching them in all things, while recognizing the ultimate responsibility of the parents in rearing their children to the glory of God.

Central Christian Academy seeks to develop the whole child in a traditional setting by promoting spiritual growth, intellectual and academic progress, and physical and social development.

Central Christian Academy operates under the leadership of a school administrator, who in turn, delegates responsibility and authority to the faculty and staff.  The administrator is directly accountable to the Pastor.

Central Christian Academy employs faculty and staff who are born again, spirit-filled Christians.  The school seeks academically qualified teachers who hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree from a recognized college, and encourages continuing education for its faculty.

Central Christian Academy provides training at the preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and secondary levels.  At each level, the school promotes conformity to Jesus Christ and to high academic standards.

Central Christian Academy is a member of the Connecticut Association of Christian Schools, the New England Association of Christian Schools, and the American Association of Christian Schools.

Our Purpose

Central Christian Academy is especially designed to help parents as they rear their children to have a heart for God. Central offers a day school environment where Jesus Christ is at center stage and quality academics is the rule rather than the exception.