Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut



Standardized Testing

Each year, Central Christian Academy gives standardized achievement and aptitude tests to elementary and secondary grades for the purpose of comparison with national norms and help with the evaluation of individual students.  Parents may request copies of their own children's test reports as they are available.

CCA encourages all secondary students to take the PSAT before or during their junior year, and the SAT or ACT before or during their senior year.

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a diploma from Central Christian Academy, a student must be enrolled full-time in his senior year and must have earned credit for the following courses. Participation in commencement exercises requires at least 24 completed credits.

  • Bible — 4 credits
  • English — 4 credits
  • History — 4 credits (including World History, Geography, U.S. History & Government/Economics)
  • Science — 3 credits (including Physical Science and Biology)
  • Mathematics — 3 credits (including Algebra I and Geometry)
  • Foreign Language — 2 credits
  • Speech — 0.5 credit
  • Keyboarding — 0.5 credit
  • Fine Arts — 1 credit
  • Electives — 2 credits
  • Total — 24 credits

Central Christian Academy encourages students to pursue advanced courses in preparation for college. A college prep diploma is offered for students who take Algebra II, and Chemistry or Physics.

Honor Roll

Central Christian Academy recognizes academic achievement by publishing a quarterly honor roll as follows:

Pastor’s Honor Roll: No letter grade below an A-

Principal’s Honor Roll: Average of 93% or above with no letter grade below a B-

Teacher's Honor Roll: Average of 84% or above with no letter grade below a C-

Grading Scale

A+ 99-100 B+ 91–92 C+ 82–83 D+ 73–74 F 0–65
A 95–98 B 86–90 C 77–81 D 68–72  
A- 93–94 B- 84–85 C- 75–76 D- 66–67