Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Central Christian Academy offers Advanced Placement courses to our high school students for an additional cost. Advanced Placement courses provide an exciting opportunity for our students to complete college level courses and earn college credit while in high school.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are the most challenging courses that can be taken in high school because they are taught at the college level, and success in an AP course is a sign that a student is ready for the academic rigors of college. Students seeking entrance into college may significantly enhance their profile by being successful in AP courses. In addition, earning college credit during high school can lower college tuition costs by reducing the number of college courses required. Students taking AP classes must pass the AP exam in order to receive college credit. Please keep in mind that CCA has no control over whether colleges will accept AP credits.

AP courses give our students the opportunity to enroll in the most challenging courses that are available to high school students. Some courses are offered through an online AP class provider. AP Courses include: Biology, Calculus AB, Computer Science A, English Language & Composition, Literature & Composition, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, U.S. Government & Politics, U.S. History, and World History.

How Will Advanced Placement Courses Affect a Student’s GPA?
Since AP classes are more difficult than non-AP courses, grades in AP courses are weighted differently and can strengthen a student’s chances for admission to college by boosting their GPA. With the standard four-point grading scale, A = 4 grade points, B = 3 grade points, C = 2 grade points, D = 1 grade point, and F = 0. The grades you earn in AP classes are given an extra grade point, so A = 5, B = 4, and C = 3. (Note: Grades below a “C” are not awarded an extra grade point.) When AP courses are averaged with your regular high school grades your overall GPA can be higher than 4.0.